KCBS logoAll individuals interested in judging at the Border War BBQ must complete the following information in order to be considered to judge or table captain for the 2017 Contest. Once completed, applicants will receive a conformation that their application has been submitted. Confirmations will begin to be assigned the first week of September and a judging number will be provided. This number will advise judges on the waiting list of where they are in relation to the cut-off line for the confirmed list.

To register, please complete and submit the form below.
Please enter the total number of events you have judged or are confirmed to judge in 2016, not including the Border War BBQ.

I certify that all representations made in this application are true and complete, By submitting this form I hereby acknowledge that I am available and able to serve as a judge for the 2016 Border War BBQ upon confirmation by the organizer. I acknowledge that should circumstances change where I am unable to attend this event after being confirmed, that I am responsible to contact the organizer as soon as is reasonable possible, and that a record of any cancellation of less than two-weeks prior to the event, along with the provided reason for the absence, will be provided to KCBS. I also acknowledge that providing false information or failing to appear at the event without any notification, after being confirmed by the Border War BBQ, will result in the organizer filing a written complaint with the KCBS.